There is a Difference!

Save money!Price is the amount of money you pay to buy the equipment. Cost is the amount of money you pay to operate the equipment over the lifetime. Sometimes this is called the Total Cost of Ownership. There are five key points that affect the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Labor Cost

Since labor is the largest cost in operating many laundries, searching for laundry equipment that can assist in reducing cycle times is very important. If the wash cycle time can be shortened with special features, your laundry will not have to operate as many hours.

For example, many of the lower priced machines use 1/2″ water valves. If your laundry runs 10 loads per day, a washer with 3/4″ water valves versus 1/2″ water valves could save you 30 minutes of operating time.

Lower-priced machines generally have lower extraction speeds. To get the lowest TCO, you should invest in higher extraction speeds to remove more water from linens. This allows the linen to dry faster. If extraction efficiency is measured by G-force, a 300 G-force washer will remove significantly more water than a 90 G-force washer.

The dry time difference in a 60 lb. load of terry towels can be almost ten minutes! How much labor can you save in your operation by cutting ten minutes on every load of towels?

Natural Gas Cost

Natural gas prices are at an all-time high! Utilities are a controllable cost that is often overlooked when considering which laundry equipment to buy. Using the 300G vs. 90G scenario, you might save more than a $1000 per year by reducing the time you operate a gas-heated drying tumbler.

How much money can you save in your utility bill by cutting ten minutes of drying time on every load of towels?

Value for Your Money

If there is a major difference in the price of two washers, there is probably a reason. One of the machines probably has higher quality components or additional features. Look at the total weight of the machine. Weight generally indicates if the frame or bearings are built to a higher standard and are more likely to give you extended years of service.

This may even lower maintenance costs over the life of the product. It is worth considering spending a little extra on laundry equipment with stainless steel panels as opposed to painted panels, which allow laundry chemicals to corrode on the painted sides.

Proven Performance

Past performance is often the best indicator of future performance! What do you know about the machine you are considering? Do you know anyone who has used this brand of machine for 5+ years? What do you know about the company you are buying from? How will they perform service for you in the future? How many service technicians do they have? How many hours does it take to respond to your future service needs?

It is worth paying a little more for good service support of the equipment.


Read the fine print on the warranty. What is the limited parts warranty? Some companies don’t warrant the wearable components, while other companies offer more comprehensive warranties. The industry warranty period varies from one year to three years. Make sure the lowest priced supplier has the same warranty. Make sure you have the warranty details in writing. Having the longest and most comprehensive warranty should lower your TCO. When buying laundry equipment find the products that will lower your Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)!

Be sure you determine the difference between Price and Cost. There is a strong reason UniMac is the #1 selling brand in America. Many of the largest companies in the world are using UniMac laundry equipment for a reason.

Your Solution Starts Here!

  • Labor Cost Savings
  • Utility Cost Savings
  • Value For Your Money
  • Proven Performance
  • Warranty

UniMac washersUniMac has been manufacturing commercial laundry equipment for more than 50 years. By now, we know a thing or two about what it takes to operate a laundry room cost effectively.

Through the years we have helped our customers to improve working conditions for laundry room staff, lower operating expenses in their department and increase cash flow for their company.

Relax, you can count on UniMac to provide the Expert Solution for your particular challenge. That’s why we’re called The Laundry Experts.

1. Labor Cost Savings

Did you know labor costs eat up 50% of your laundry dollar? Imagine the thousands of dollars you’d save if you could reduce, by even 30 minutes daily, the man-hours it takes to process laundry!

UniMac’s UWTV Series Washer-Extractor transforms your dream into reality.

save labor

  • 4 Fast-Fill Water Valves (instead of the customary 2) fill UWPV models much faster, shaving valuable minutes off every cycle.
  • Extraction Speeds of up to 300 G-Force – that’s 2-3 times the Gs of most machines – aid UniMac’s UWPV models in reducing the amount of moisture left in washloads. This greatly reduces drying time, saving significantly on labor costs.
  • Our Advanced Computer Control accurately senses drain time completion, while precisely advancing to the next step in the wash cycle. Our smart drain saves time and money, when compared with less expensive models, which have fixed drain times that may lengthen the total cycle time by several minutes.
  • A Rapid Jetspray Rinse saves nearly 3 minutes on every rinse step! The spray rinse pulls water through linens, allowing water to drain immediately, rather than cycling through the time consuming fill, agitation and drain phases of the traditional bath rinse. This is one of UniMac’s most impressive timesaving features.
  • The Overnight Delayed Start feature gives you a 30-minute head start each day! By loading the washer and selecting the programmable delayed start cycle, your linens will be ready for the dryer immediately the next morning. This head start can save 30 minutes per day.
  • The UWPV Models can be programmed with the shortest wash cycles in the industry. When the 4 fast fill water valves are combined with rapid jet-spray rinse, smart drain, and our end of cycle rotation sensor, you will cut laundry operating time. Saving time will save labor costs.

2. Utility Cost Savings

Utility costs account for approximately 10% of your laundry dollar. By selecting laundry equipment with advanced features, utility costs can be controlled. If a typical laundry facility processes around 4000 cycles per year, even small savings per cycle will really add up.

UniMac’s UWPV Series has the solution for controlling your utility costs:


save electricitySave 40% or more with our state-of-the-art frequency drive system. It saves money by gradually and efficiently ramping up to extraction speed. You’ll also save electricity with our industry leading short cycle times created with our rapid jet spray rinse, four fast fill water valves and smart drains.


save gasDryer time is shorter due to 300 G-Force super high extraction speeds. By operating your dryer less each day, you reduce your cost of energy by $100’s per year.


conserve waterLarge capacity cylinders help you reduce the number of wash cycles per day…per month…per year! These savings can be as much as 10% under competitor’s models! Selected models feature UniMac’s exclusive Water Saving System (WSS).

3. Value

Cost and value are not synonymous. Often the lowest-priced laundry equipment ends up being the most expensive to own in terms of maintenance, performance and ease-of-use. One way of measuring a washer-extractor’s value is to take a look at standard features.

save moneyUniMac is committed to providing you with the maximum value. Many of the features considered “add-ons” by our competitors are standard on our UWPV washer-extractors.

  • Important standard features
  • Thermal Cool Down
  • Overnight Soak
  • Overflow Rinse
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Brass Fill Valves
  • Polypropylene Chemical Supply Dispenser
  • Programmable Drive System
  • 2 Wash Speeds (PV Models)

4. Proven Performance

You want your decision to be a lasting one, so choose a washer-extractor that is durable and virtually maintenance-free, with a proven performance history.

You won’t find another washer-extractor with the durability and performance record of UniMac’s UWPV Series.

UniMac logoOur heavy-duty Gamma A-frame, made of four-inch H-beam, has been the industry model of strength and durability. Our low maintenance V-Belt Drive provides high efficiency, dependability and smooth operation, without unnecessary transmissions or clutches. With fewer moving parts, our drive system requires less maintenance.

UniMac’s expertise is the result of more than 50 years as the leader in technological innovation. We’ve led the industry in developing technologically advanced solutions, such as Microprocessor Controls, Frequency Drive System, Rapid Jet Spray Rinse, Super-high G Force, 2-Speed Wash, Water Saving System and Starch Buster.

We receive high marks from our customers and peers within the commercial laundry industry, and most would agree: UniMac is the industry leader because we’ve set the standards for quality with products guaranteed to lower cost and constructed to perform every time!

5. Warranty

Our warranty is your insurance policy.

5 year limited warrantyWe demonstrate our confidence in our UWPV’s by giving you the best warranty in the industry. UniMac provides a 5-year warranty on the frame, basket, shaft, bearings and seals if failure or breakage should occur during normal operation due to defects in material or workmanship.

A full 3-year warranty is also issued to the original purchaser on all other parts.