We are committed to customer service and take pride in maintaining the highest quality used commercial dryers and refurbished commercial dryers in the industry.


Our used commercial dryers are sold as is and in working condition. We also provide refurbished commercial dryers complete with predominantly new parts and in like new condition.

Below is a list of parts that will be replaced on our refurbished commercial dryers at minimum:


New Main Bearings

If your dryer is making a metal scraping or squeaking noise, it is possible that the main bearings are worn and need to be replaced. Continuing to use the dryer may require more expensive repairs. Our refurbished commercial dryers come with new main bearings to avoid them from failing in the near future.


New Drive Belts/Chains

If your drive belt is worn or broken on your used commercial dryer it could be making a loud thumping noise. The dryer will shut off before the clothes are dry and will not turn on again. The drum will not turn even though you hear the dryer running or your dryer won’t start. The drive belt is replaced on all our refurbished commercial dryers to prevent this from happening in the near future.


New Thermostat

Used commercial dryers may have issues with the thermostat. If the dryer isn’t heating or it is too hot throughout a cycle, then it is possible that there could be an issue with the thermostat. This can be confirmed with a reading of the thermostat’s ohmage flow. All refurbished commercial dryers come with new thermostats to avoid issues in the near future.


New Motor Bearings

Motor bearings are important to support the motor in a commercial dryer. When the motor bearings are worn in a used commercial dryer, it will likely have a high-pitched whining noise and you may also hear a humming noise if the switches or windings on the motor are broken. The motor bearings are replaced on all our refurbished commercial dryers.


New Blower Fan

The blower fan circulates air in used commercial dryers. If the blower fan is broken and damaged, it needs to be fixed or the dryer won’t work properly. It may make a high-pitched noise or vibrate loudly. You may also find that it takes several cycles for clothes to completely dry.


New Lint Screen

Simply cleaning lint filters regularly can allow the air to flow freely, allowing used commercial dryers to work more efficiently. However, even with the best cleaning, lint screens can be overused and need to be replaced. All Commercial Laundry Equipment Company’s refurbished commercial dryers come with a new lint screen.


Prep and Paint

All of our refurbished dryers are prepped and painted to give used commercial dryers a whole new look! We make our refurbished dryers operate and look as if you just bought a new dryer.


Making the Right Choice for your Laundry Equipment Needs

Our used commercial dryers include popular brands such as Speed Queen, Unimac, Cissell and Huebsch. We have many different sizes with different control types to fit your needs. Visit our used commercial dryers page to learn more about our high quality used and refurbished commercial laundry equipment.