We are committed to customer service and take pride in maintaining the highest-quality, used flatwork ironers and refurbished flatwork ironers.


Our used commercial flatwork ironers are sold as is and in working condition. We also provide refurbished commercial flatwork ironers complete with replaced parts and in like-new condition.

Below is a list of parts that will be replaced on our refurbished flatwork ironers at minimum:


New Feed Ribbons for Flatwork Ironers

Ironer ribbons can become discolored, worn and torn after extensive use. All feed ribbons are replaced on refurbished ironers.


New Return Ribbons

If you are noticing the linens getting jammed or wrinkled while under the return ribbons it is likely not running at the proper speed. Worn return ribbons will not drive at the proper speed and can result in wrinkling. When the material on the return ribbon becomes smooth or worn, it is time for it to be replaced on your used flatwork ironer.


New Bearings

It is important that bearings are properly lubricated to prevent them from becoming worn, and over time, excess vibration can cause damage to them. All of our refurbished flatwork ironers come with new bearings to prevent future damage.


New Speed Control Belt for Flatwork Ironers

A used flatwork ironer should operate at the proper speed to maintain a high-quality finished linen. It is important that the speed control belt is not broken or worn.


New Thermostat

When the thermostat on a used flatwork ironer is not working then it can overheat or the machine temperature drops and it can underheat linens. All of our refurbished flatwork ironers come with a new thermostat.


New Compression Roll Cover

High temperatures can cause covers to burn or harden on a used flatwork ironer. All of our refurbished flatwork ironers come with new roll covers. New covers allow for a quicker passage of steamed heat, producing a properly finished linen.


Clean/Replace Burner Orifices for Flatwork Ironers

It is important that the burner orifices are clean when using a used flatwork ironer. If it is not properly cleaned, it can damage linens and require many rewashes. Burner orifices should be properly maintained to reduce costs.


Prep and Paint

All of Commercial Laundry Equipment Company’s refurbished flatwork ironers are prepped and painted to give a used machine a whole new look! We make our refurbished flatwork ironers operate and look as if you just bought a new one.


Making the Right Choice for your Laundry Equipment Needs

Our used flatwork ironers include popular brands such as UniMac, Sharper Finish and Chicago. We have different sizes with different control types to fit your needs. Visit our used flatwork ironer page to learn more about our high quality used and refurbished commercial laundry equipment.