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Used Commercial Washers

Typical Refurbish of a UniMac Washer/Extractor model UW60PV

  1. 1. Washer has been completely disassembled and the heavy-duty gamma A frame made of 4” H-beam steel has been sandblasted and painted.
  2. 2. Motor has been mounted and connected to the inverter drive.
  3. 3. Factory main bearings and seals have been installed.
  4. 4. New water supply valves installed.
  5. 5. Right side view.

We are committed to customer service and take pride in maintaining the highest-quality, used commercial washers and refurbished commercial washers in the industry.


Our used commercial washers are sold as is and in working condition. We also provide refurbished commercial washers complete with mostly new parts and in like new condition.

Below is a list of parts that will be replaced on our refurbished commercial washers at minimum:


New Main Bearings & Seals

The bearings on used commercial washers can start to make strange noises during the spin cycle. If this is happening it can cause balance issues which can lead to additional damage. Our refurbished commercial washing machines come with new bearings to avoid them from failing in the near future.


New Motor Bearings

There can be a number of signs if you are having problems with your motor bearings. It can make different sounds depending on the specific problem. However, most often you will find the motor vibrates. While mild vibration is relatively normal, anything more could be a problem with your motor bearings and will produce anything from a light buzzing to a very loud screeching noise.


New Drive Belt

It’s important to have a good, working drive belt, as it is responsible for spinning the tub, and if it’s too worn or broken your washer drum will not physically move. Additionally, one of the signs to know if your belt is going bad is the smell of burning rubber. This can be a common problem on used commercial washers.


Rebuilt Fill Valve Assembly

When you have a problem with your fill valve, it can cause the washer to not fill with water properly or in some cases not at all. This could be caused by a number of things, including clogged filter screens.


Sandblast, Paint Steel Frame

All of our refurbished washers are prepped and painted to give them a fresh new look! We want our refurbished washers to operate and look as if you just bought a new one.


New Door Gasket

If water is leaking from the door of your washer then it is likely the door gasket is the problem. All of our refurbished commercial washers have new door gaskets.


New Drain Valve

The drain valve is how the water is released and retained on most commercial washers. If water is leaking from a used washer during the drain cycle, the drain valve may not be working properly. Running the washer empty will help determine if this is the problem. All of our refurbished washers come with a new drain valve.


Making the Right Choice for Your Laundry Equipment Needs

Our used and refurbished commercial washers include popular brands such as Speed Queen and Unimac. We have many different sizes with different control types to fit your needs. Visit our used commercial washers page to learn more about our high-quality used and refurbished commercial laundry equipment.